Born in Madrid in 1993. I have been interested in drawing and krafting since chilhood so I decided to combine these hobbies with a technical knowledge.

Due to my Design Engineer degree I understood the importance of designing while thinking about function and fabrication.

Make an easy to make project is essential when it comes to studying its viability and its possible development. Using suitable materials and knowing its properties are another important points.

Jose Pulido

“Industrial Design is about combining functionality and manufacturability in the most aesthetic way as possible.”

While studying I have participated in some projects that allowed me to open my mind and see how the desing world works.

Two years ago, I founded Escalados with my school colleague Antonio Sanchez, a brand with which we still design, manufacture and sell faithful mountain miniatures.

My friend Jaime García-Vaquero brings me the opportunity to write and participate in ETSIDI DESIGN, a design, culture and technology blog. Here you can check some articles I have posted: