Hache modular sofa has been developed during the lastest months of my career. The main requirement was a design compatible with digital manufacturing, in order to offer it in tantomontage platform. However, it goes much further.


Designed for the attachment of differents modules, it allows the final user to select the seats he needs to fabricate


Its parametric 3D model let us to change its principal lenghts and adjust it to our preferences.


Reducing the number of pieces and complex shapes ease the assembly and manufacture processes




Through this project in collaboration with Ángela Valle and Javier María González Calvo, we want to raise awareness about the melting of the poles and show the compatibility of this type os ecosystem with a world in which the reuse and prolonging the life cycle is the products become reality. This istallation generates in visitors a feeling os being in a real igloo, which in the Eskimo language means home.


My colleagues and I exploited our differents skills to carry out this project.


Great Feedback

The main goal was to create a compfortable site and we got it. It was the most coveted rest area of the festival.



We collected different industrial scraps to show the importance of recycling.


ULÓG Concept

Despite not having carried out its manufacture, I feel great appreciation for this project. In addition to its peculiar appearance, its main characteristic lies in the novel and simple mechanism offered to modify the position of the head. In a similar way to a pulley, thanks to a slide and a counterweight, it is possible to raise or lower the light source.


I have worked also as graphic design, creating logos and corporate images


Jose Pulido


Throughout the last 3 years I have been developing and perfecting my own brand. Although it is not a usual practice, I like to promote my work, and it was as a result of my performances as a DJ when I decided to start this process


Sierra de San Vicente FS


Shield for the futsal team of the region of the Sierra de San Vicente. As a result of the change of name of the old team Bayuela FS, an update of the brand and an emblem were required. I wanted to unify all the peoples that were going to be part of the new squad.